Beatles Holiday Gift Guide 2022

If there’s one universally acknowledged truth about the holidays, it’s that some people are impossible to shop for. You know the type, with all the shirts, ties, golf clubs and puzzles they’ll ever need. Buying them one more uninspired gift just seems like a waste of money.

Here’s an idea, though: If they’re a Beatles fan — and who isn’t — consider picking up a piece of gear inspired by the four lovable lads from Liverpool. There’s never any shortage of Beatles-inspired merchandise on the market, from T-shirts to backpacks to box sets, so you’ll likely find something at every price point and for every level of fandom. There are toys for kids and adults alike, and books galore, each offering a very specific insight into the world of the band. Here are 15 holiday gifts for the Beatles fan in your life.


The McCartney Legacy, Vol. 1: 1969-1973 ($35)

Dey Street Books / Jack Kay, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Dey Street Books / Jack Kay, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

When the Beatles fell apart, Paul McCartney transitioned into a successful solo career, releasing McCartney in 1970 and Ram in 1971. Wings would follow shortly thereafter and the rest, as they say, is history. A new series of books by Beatles historian Allan Kozinn and documentarian Adrian Sinclair promises to look at McCartney’s post-Beatles life with a finely tuned microscope, and the first book in that series, The McCartney Legacy, Vol. 1: 1969-1973, arrives this December. At 720 pages long, it’s not for the faint of Beatles heart, but fanatics will love all of its insights and glimpses behind the curtain.


Revolver Special Edition Super Deluxe 5-CD set ($108.99)

Apple Corps Ltd. / Capitol / UMe

Apple Corps Ltd. / Capitol / UMe

The Beatles have been releasing special reissues of their classic records for the past few years, and this year it’s Revolver‘s turn. This special 5CD set features a new mix by Giles Martin and Sam Okell, plus the original mono mix, a four-track EP, 28 session takes and home demos and 100-page book with a foreword by McCartney, detailed track notes, photos and ephemera like excerpts from Klaus Voormann’s graphic novel on the making of the album’s iconic cover art. Not a CD person? Don’t worry: The special edition is available as a 4LP set as well.


The Beatles 2023 Monthly Wall Calendar ($18.29)

For all the tech we have around us at any given time, sometimes it’s still nice to have a handy wall calendar, just to keep track of all the family appointments, holidays, birthdays and events. This officially licensed calendar is well designed and features excellent photos of the Fab Four.


The Beatles Smartwatch Band ($39.90)

Available in both Yellow Submarine- and Abbey Road-inspired styles, this officially licensed smartwatch band fits both Apple and Samsung watches and is made with sweat and UV-resistant silicone, meaning it should stand the test of time. There’s even a QR code inside the band’s box that users can scan to get an exclusive Beatles watch face.


Top of the Mountain: The Beatles at Shea Stadium 1965 ($32.37)

Backbeat / YouTube

Backbeat / YouTube

While they were on the road, the Beatles drew tens of thousands of crazed fans every night — including won a sweltering Sunday night in August 1965 at Shea Stadium. Penned by Hollywood historian Laurie Jacobson, Top of the Mountain captures first-person interviews and quotes from dozens of people who experienced the show, from attendees like Whoopi Goldberg and Meryl Streep to Beatles wives like Linda McCartney and Barbara Bach. There are hundreds of color photographs in the book as well, because a show like this probably has to be seen to be believed.


The Dad Grass x George Harrison Bundle ($80)

One of the first Beatles to really dive into the wild world of cannabis, George Harrison was always a proponent of the product. The weed world has changed quite a bit since Harrison first began to dabble, with more and more manufacturers using marijuana’s legal CBD properties to make people more calm, pain-free and just generally happier. That’s probably why the Harrison estate teamed with CBD powerhouse Dad Grass to put out a full line of All Things Must Pass-inspired CBD products, the punnily named All Things Must Grass collection. To really dive in, we suggest the Dad Grass x George Harrison bundle, which contains a five-pack of George Harrison x Dad Grass joints (again, all street legal) crafted from a blend of CBD and CBG flower, rolling papers, an ashtray, a rolling tray, a button pack and a bumper sticker. Kick back, throw on Harrison’s 1970 LP and light one up.


“All You Need Is Love” Igloo Cooler ($49.99)

Take the Beatles to the tailgate or work site with this “All You Need Is Love” Igloo cooler. The 7-quart container has a colorful design and is made in the U.S. It holds nine 12-ounce cans and weighs just two pounds empty, so it’s great for afternoons in the park and BYOB affairs. If that’s not quite enough storage capacity for you, there’s always the 30-can Beatles cooler shoulder bag or this 24-can Yellow Submarine backpack.


Lennon Hoodie ($55)

For those who sing the praises of John Lennon above all other Beatles, consider this chic and minimal hoodie. The black unisex pullover has a big front pocket and is both stylish and utilitarian, meaning it should keep you warm even on the coldest of Liverpool, London or New York nights.


The Beatles and India on DVD ($13.99)

Silva Screen Productions, Renoir Pictures

Silva Screen Productions, Renoir Pictures

Released earlier this year, The Beatles and India is a documentary look at their enduring love affair with the country. The film is full of rare archival footage, recordings, photographs, eye-witness accounts and contemporary location shoots that highlight what made four wildly popular British celebrities leave their lives in bustling London in search of a spiritual awakening. Director Ajoy Bose was a teenager in Calcutta when the Beatles came to India, and his documentary uses a personal lens to look at the world of the Beatles. The result is a somewhat different approach than much of the Beatles material fans have seen so far.


George Harrison Rocky Fender Stratocaster ($1,999.99)

Is there a Beatles fanatic in your life that you really, really like? Like, a lot? Do you have an extra two grand laying around? Consider picking up this replica George Harrison Rocky Fender Stratocaster. Modeled after Harrison’s own 1961 Sonic Blue Stratocaster, which had been hand-painted in psychedelic Day-Glo colors and nicknamed Rocky, this replica has been hand-painted as well, with each detail painstakingly modeled to resemble Harrison’s own guitar. Seriously, every last detail: Look at the back of the guitar’s neck and you’ll even find a replica sticker for Grimwoods, the original store where Harrison bought the guitar.


Ringo Starr’s EP3 on Vinyl ($22.98)

Released this fall, Ringo Starr’s EP3 finds the former Beatles drummer teaming up with longtime collaborator Steve Lukather as well as Linda Perry, Dave Koz, Jose Antonio Rodriguez and Bruce Sugar for a four-pack of easy, breezy songs that just scream “peace and love.” Don’t have a turntable? No problem, Ringo’s got you covered there, teaming with Pro-Ject for his own signature model turntable.


Happy Socks Collector Box ($108)

Everyone loves a fun pair of socks, and Beatles fans are no exception. The band has teamed with Happy Socks for a full line of footwear for the whole family. Though the socks are generally pretty Yellow Submarine-inspired, there are a few pairs that draw from more simplistic Beatles iconography, including the band’s logo. Individual pairs are available, and there are also a number of box set options, which could be a great go-to for a gift. We recommend the Collector Set, which contains six pairs of socks packed into what looks like a record box. If you really want to go for broke, there’s the $298 24-pack set, which also functions as a bit of a (rather pricey) Advent calendar.


Wings Over Europe Long-Sleeve Tee ($65)

Paul McCartney and Wings invaded Europe for a 26-city tour in July and August 1972. Now, McCartney has commemorated those dates with a 50th anniversary line of merch, including hoodies, tote bags and tees like this long-sleeve number with its eye-grabbing back art. Available in S-XXL, this shirt tells the world that this person knows their Beatles (and McCartney) stuff.


The Beatles Magna-Tile set ($134.95)

Looking for a toy for the Beatles-loving kid in your life, or maybe just something for a Beatles-loving grownup to fidget with? Consider this Magna-Tiles set from CreateOn, which contains 53 tiles emblazoned with the band’s logo, album art, photos and iconography. You can use them to make your own Magical Mystery Tour bus or even your own little mock turntable. They’re adorable and entertaining — just like the Beatles.


Yellow Submarine LP Storage Crate ($50)

Let’s face it: Milk crates and fruit boxes just aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days when you could just swipe one from behind a grocery store and expect it to hold LPs. Now they’re too small, too locked up and just too unwieldy. Thankfully, Crosley has created its own line of crate-inspired record storage, including a number featuring the Beatles. This sturdy wooden Yellow Submarine-inspired crate can hold up to 75 records and would certainly make a statement in any music room or man cave, while this Sgt. Pepper carrying case is slightly less burly, holding only 30 LPs. Still, that should be more than enough space to at least make a dent in any good Beatles collection.

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