Classic Rock Fans Pay More for Concert Tickets Than Anyone Else

Classic rock fans are at the top of a list, but it’s one they’re likely not excited to lead.

According to a recent study by FinanceBuzz, classic rock is the most expensive genre of music to see live.

The study looked at concert industry data for 800 of the top touring acts from 2017 to 2021. Across that time frame, the average ticket price for a classic-rock artist was $119.14. For comparison, the next highest price was nearly $20 less, with pop concerts averaging $100.65 per ticket.

Fans’ wallets took less of a hit at rock and alternative concerts, which came in average prices of $85.94 and $63.54, respectively. The cheapest genre was Christian music, with an average ticket price of less than $40.

The most expensive average ticket price for any individual artist belonged to Bruce Springsteen. The Boss had an average ticket price of $508.93 thanks to his hugely successful Springsteen on Broadway run. The classic-rock legend far outweighed the most expensive pop star, Lady Gaga, whose ticket price averaged $337.43. Metallica had the most expensive rock tickets, with an average of just less than $230, while the Strokes were the priciest alternative act, coming in at $126.70.

While these numbers may be scary for fans hoping to hold onto their cash, the stats are undoubtedly music to the ears of classic-rock artists. The genre generated more than $3.5 billion in ticket sales in the past five years, ranking only behind pop artists, who brought in $5.2 billion.

On average, classic-rock acts pulled in more than $35.5 million per tour, again ranking behind pop, which averaged $38.6 million.

Touring has been good for the Rolling Stones over the past five years. Of the Top 10 highest-grossing classic-rock tours, four belonged to Mick Jagger and company. Treks by Eagles, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Journey and Def Leppard (co-headlining) and Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band rounded out the list.

Further details and statistics can be found below.

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